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Smart Ways To Wear Leggings In 2019

  • lm_admin
  • July 13, 2019

You cannot ignore the power of athleisure and its proud off-spring leggings. Between the undeniable comfort and the variety of stylish leggings that are being manufactured almost every day , the stretchy bottoms have evolved a long way. From being the selective workout clothing to being one of the popular part of a trendy clothing ensemble, the journey has been great.

In fact one of the popular wholesale fitness leggings supplier has curated a unique collection you should definitely have a look at. Hence, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

The Androgynous Work Wear

According to influencers the best way to wear solid black leggings is with an over-sized blazer and a neutral toned shirt. If you want to create an extraordinary work wear outfit, then it will be advisable to style it in a trendy androgynous outfit.

If you want to experiment with the outfit, then it will be advisable to have a either opt for the cropped leggings version or select a piece that has leather patches.

Glittery And Sporty

How about mixing two polar opposite aesthetics to create a unique attire. For the love of diversity and eclectic combinations, the best way to mix two statement trends is by opting for a sporty hoodie that can be worn with a pair of blingy leggings.

You can either opt for a monochromatic outfit, or play around with different types of colors to create a unique attire.

Printed With A Trench

Add dome drama to a basic trench outfit by opting for a pair of printed leggings. Bring in the summer vibe to your basic winter clothing by incorporating the prints. The best way you can allow the statement piece to work is by opting for a neutral toned solid colored trench coat.

Watercolor Printed Leggings Manufacturer USA

For the print, you can experiment with different types of designs like florals, geometric patterns, futuristic elements as well as accents like lace and leather.

Party Ethic

Leggings are the perfect clothing piece for a party. Its comfortable, stylish and versatile. If you want to stand out from the crowd , the best thing you can opt for is a blingy black camisole top and a bright tropical tone leggings with shadow ombre watercolor effect.

For the shoes, make sure to opt for a pair of black pumps or stick to converse to add a athletic element.

The White Shirt Style

The best way to wear a pair of classic leggings for summer is with an oxford white shirt. You can pretty much style this outfit in a numerous different ways. Be it for the first day at your new job or even a brunch meet with your high school besties.

You can either keep your outfit classic and cool or add some colors with the help of trendy accessories like candy colored strappy heels or even tassel danglers.

Cropped Casual Wear

If you’re planning to run errands immediately after your weekend workout session, then it will be advisable to wear a full-sleeved lace crop top along with a pair of printed mesh leggings.

This outfit is feminine, comfortable and most importantly helps you make the style statement even after a sweaty class.

Retailers who want to include wholesale leggings in their store can get in touch with one of the popular capri wholesale leggings manufacturer. Have a look through the large collection of clothing that the supplier has in store and state the bulk requirements accordingly to the help team.

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