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Prints That Are Popular For Leggings

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  • January 15, 2024

Leggings with attention-grabbing prints on them have taken the fashion world by storm. Whether celebs or common people, every fashion enthusiast has been into them. The prime reason? They add a fun and stylish element to any attire.

Whether you like subtle designs or prefer bold patterns, printed leggings can elevate your look and help you make a chic fashion statement. Versatile and comfortable, they are perfect for everyday wear.

Mentioned below are 19 prints that are refreshing, unusual, and popular. Check them out now!

1. Stripes

The most common print that you can witness in leggings is stripes. Right from curved, vertical, and horizontal to diagonal and lamp-post stripes, different kinds of stripes are there. If you want to start with something simple, vertical stripes are the best. The classic black and white combination will look great with a matching white or black tunic top.

wholesale stripes leggings

2. Floral Prints

Another most common print is the floral print and under it comes the two most loved sub-divisions— the big bloom and the mini flower clusters. If you are a full-figured lady, the big bloom floral print will look unflattering, it’s better to go for the mini flower clusters. And, if you are a petite woman, then you can easily rock the small or mini flowers.

floral prints leggings wholesale

3. Geometric Prints

You can often see mathematical geometric shapes like rectangles, triangles, and squares, in geometric print leggings. The beauty of these prints is you can never go wrong with them. Sport them clashing or coordinating, understated or bold, you can freely experiment from every angle. When feeling braver, do try the diamond and rhombus print leggings as well.

geometric prints leggings wholesale

4. Animal Prints

In such a print, emphasis is given to the skin texture and the footprints of the animals. Animal prints such as leopard, snake, and zebra are always ‘in’ no matter which year it is, and the best part is that anyone and everyone can sport them with ease. If you have a bold and carefree style, it’s even better.

custom animal prints leggings

5. Paisley Prints

These droplet-shaped vegetable motifs are one of the most classic and oldest ones. When this vintage and fun print is combined with leggings, it gives a pretty look to the wearer. Any blouse or a long button-down in pastels will work smoothly with them. To deviate from the usual, you can try one with a mini dress.

wholesale paisley prints leggings

6. Aztec Prints

Aztec prints are all about strong shades and shapes which make them unique and ultra-fashionable. The beauty of these prints in leggings is they are versatile and have a universal appeal. As these prints mix both contemporary and ethnic looks, you can conveniently style them with both an Indian kurta and a long, flowing sleeveless top.

custom aztec prints leggings

7. Abstract Prints

Made using different shapes with matching color schemes, the abstract prints are for you when you are in an eccentric mood. There are days when you just feel like going crazy with your outfit and on such a day, you can rely on an Aztec print legging and a crisp-white poncho.

abstract prints leggings wholesale

8. Cartoon Prints

Often, you will come across leggings that display different types of famed cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Tin Tin and the team, etc. These leggings when paired with cropped tees, give you a cute appearance. They are also great when you want your inner child to stay alive forever.

custom cartoon prints legging


9. Gothic Prints

The prints that give off mysterious, dark, and scary vibes are gothic. You can find gothic-inspired leggings in a wide variety. From skulls to bats to satanic symbols, and more, you will be spoiled with choices. To get the complete feel, you can go for dyed black hair and dark lip shades such as blood red and purple.

wholesale gothic prints leggings

10. Polka-dot Prints

The dots are designed in spots of either one color, two colors, or multicolors in a polka-dot print. In leggings, you can find these dots in numerous sizes. Blue and white, red and white, and black and white are the most classic designs here. To be a trendsetter, think about trying one with a solid-colored halter-neck satin top (okay, one that covers your butt).

custom polka dot prints leggings

11. Baroque Prints

In fashion, baroque means something elaborate, and just like its name, the baroque print leggings are over-the-top and pretty unique with elaborate shapes. When going for a pair, consider partnering them with a full-sleeve black top. Sometimes, these leggings are also available in a matching set, coming with an additional cropped, figure-hugging baroque top.

custom baroque prints leggings

12. Fruit Prints

People have a craze for whimsical fruit-print leggings. You can find such pairs in countless fruit designs and fun shades. They are the go-to pieces for youngsters nowadays. You can easily style one with a basic tee and funky jacket. Fruit-print leggings allow you to show your fun and exciting side to people around you.

fruit prints leggings manufacturers

13. Fast Food Prints

Are you a girl with a huge love for fast food? Are junks such as burgers, noodles, pizza, and French fries your life? You can flaunt it with the help of fast-food print leggings. To achieve the perfect look, wear one with a tee in a complementary color.

custom fast food prints

14. Tribal Prints

The tribal print depicts the culture of indigenous people. It’s often religious or ceremonial in nature. Originating in rural areas, this print usually shows different artifacts from tribal cultures. For the total tribal appearance, consider opting for a top in fringes and throw on some handmade bamboo jewelry.

wholesale tribal prints leggings

15. Anime Prints

Anime print leggings demonstrate your all-time favorite fictional characters in ample ways. Are you a fan of Lelouch Lamperouge from the popular manga series Code Geass? You can show your love for the prince through such a pair of anime leggings. Anime leggings work butter smooth with cool tops like tanks!

anime prints leggings wholesale

16. Heart Or Love-loaded Prints

Heart or Love-loaded print leggings feature numerous hearts in small, medium, or large sizes. Sometimes big hearts consisting of various small hearts are seen on such leggings and sometimes there are individual hearts one after another. If you have been wondering ‘’what should be my Valentine’s Day outfit this year’’, team up a love-loaded pair with an equally cute red top.

custom heart prints leggings

17. Retro Prints

In retro print leggings, you will get some amazing vintage-inspired prints mixed fabulously with modish color schemes. Follow the 80s and the 90s fashion to get the most out of this look. How about a bubble-gum pink shirt and cropped maroon jacket in a satin, glossy material? Or, how about combining a long, oversized sweatshirt with a pair?

custom retro prints leggings

18. Easter Prints

Featuring chicks, spring flowers, bunnies, Easter eggs, and baskets, Easter print leggings are just the best to celebrate the day with style. Your joy and happiness are bound to get doubled when you wear them and attend church services or enjoy festive meals with friends and family.

custom easter prints leggings

19. Christmas Prints

Leggings displaying Christmas prints or seasonal prints including reindeer, Santa, snowmen, and more are great for showing your excitement for the biggest celebration of the year. You can easily style one for a party by pairing it with a red, white, or green sweater, and a cute beanie.

wholesale christmas prints leggings

As soon as you start trying them one by one, you realize what you have been missing out on! If you are in need of custom print ideas or any patterns for your leggings that would make your customers swoon over your store’s stock then ensure that you get in touch with a top-rated leggings manufacturer for your bulk needs.

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