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Men’s leggings: Where And How To Wear Them In 2024

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  • February 26, 2024

Who says men can’t put on a pair of fashionable leggings? Of course, you can!

If you are someone who is secretly into them but doesn’t feel brave enough to wear them outside your home, then you aren’t alone. However, times are changing. From commoners to celebs, many fashion-forward men these days are flaunting them with ease, totally rocking the look.

Want some smart tips for styling men’s leggings in 2024? Wondering where you can wear them? Before that, let’s take a look at the fashion history of ‘meggings’ and their position in the 21st C.

A Fashion History Of Men’s Leggings

Men have worn leggings, tights, stockings, or hoses for a long time.

As a sign of their status, the first men’s leggings were worn by medieval kings. Back in those days, these leggings were crafted out of only silk. Monarchs used to combine them with tunics, capes, and cloaks. Pretty soon, landowners started to wear them. And, right from that point, it became a go-to clothing piece for every man (from nobles to explorers). Even the greatest English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare, wore them as well.

In the music world, personalities such as David Bowie, Axl Rose, and Lenny Kravitz have killed it in leggings once.

To evoke supreme confidence, speed, and power, leggings are worn by the most famous fictional heroes. While The Flash, Batman, and Superman proudly wore vibrant-colored skin-tight leggings, eccentric anti-heroes looked cooler in the tight leather versions.

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Position Of Men’s Leggings In The 21st C

In the 21st C, men’s leggings have truly hit the mainstream. To enhance their performance, some of the most popular sportsmen in the world wear men’s fitness leggings. Heard about Steph Curry and Christiano Ronaldo, right? Even Pilates practitioners and yoga instructors all over the world wear men’s leggings.

The popularity of activewear styles is huge. As more and more men become health-conscious and they realize how important it is to take care of the body, they have started investing in these leggings in greater numbers. These leggings make it easy to stay active, no matter what the location is— gym or the running tracks. They offer supreme comfort and breathability and allow for optimal movement. They help to achieve the perfect performance during any physical activity.

Needless to say, Hollywood has embraced ‘meggings’ as well. From Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) to Shia Labeouf to Russell Brand, famed actors have looked too cool in men’s leggings time and again.

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Styling Men’s Leggings

Styling men’s leggings is a great way to include fashion in various looks. As many men are slowly warming up to styling them, finding amazing pieces is becoming remarkably easy and convenient. From relaxed-fit options for larger frames to slim-fit options for lean physiques, there is something for everyone these days.

Just like how neutral, dark-colored, and plain men’s leggings are in style, the fun, patterned leggings also have their separate fanbase.

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To know how to style men’s leggings, read the points mentioned below:

General Tips

  1. As men’s leggings often come with a tight fit, pair them with loose-fitting top wear such as chunky jumpers, hoodies, or cardigans.
  2. Hoodies and sweatshirts look cool with solid-colored men’s leggings.
  3. Monochrome appearances are more refined and elegant.
  4. Try layering with a simple jacket and shoes (minus any socks).
  5. If you are styling them for your workplace (of course where the rules and regulations aren’t too strict), going for a balanced look (creative as well as professional) will earn you loads of compliments.

Suggestions To Get The Patterned Look Right

  1. If you are opting for patterned styles, pair them with plain or solid tank tops and t-shirts.
  2. In case you aren’t comfortable with just the leggings, you can layer them with shorts. For instance, leggings featuring vertical stripes can look great with shorts displaying horizontal stripes.
  3. To take it up a notch, you can accessorize with dark shades, neck chains, and scarves.

Never be intimidated by eccentric color combinations and patterns. If you are a beginner, you can start simple and slowly turn experimental.

Events And Occasions Where You Can Try Men’s Leggings

On Streets

If you are a street-style lover, a psychedelic pair can look great on you. Teaming up a pair with a simple singlet and taking them out on the streets, you will definitely grab some eyeballs.

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In The Gym

A gym enthusiast with a wish to show off your hard work? Printed leggings won’t look that good in this setting. Consider opting for solid-colored men’s leggings. In case you still want to go bold and experimental, think about a softer outline with a more subtle look. Just remember, going overboard won’t help.

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For Night Outs And Dining Out

To get the look right in such cases, you simply need to partner your leggings with the right clothing item from your wardrobe. Also, you need to accessorize your outfit properly. Throw on a t-shirt, a premium-quality jacket, and loafers, ditching the common large hoodie and trainers. To tie the look together, put on a sophisticated leather watch.

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Concerts, Casual Parties And Clubbing

Now, many will agree, sometimes it seems that men’s leggings are made for concerts, parties, and raves. When some upbeat music is played, you look super cool while grooving in some fun men’s leggings. They can be a part of a quirky clubbing outfit as well, perfect for self-expression. Drinking, chilling, dancing, and stripping to just be in your leggings at the end of the day becomes the goal.

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To Work

Actually, whether you can or can’t wear leggings to work depends on where you are working. It will largely be based on your workplace culture. There is nothing wrong with sporting a pair of leggings (i.e. if you know how to style it right). If the rules and regulations in your office aren’t that strict and you are allowed a little bit of freedom on Fridays, you can go all out with a sweatshirt or hoodie.

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No matter what you pick, how far you can turn up the volume will be totally up to you!

While you are at it, take a look at this list that discusses how to choose men’s leggings:

Step 1: Go For Quick-drying Leggings

First and foremost, when choosing men’s leggings, always go for the ones that are moisture-wicking and fast-drying, especially if you are a gym goer. Your leggings should be such that they keep you dry and comfortable throughout the workout session. You can put your trust in premium-quality men’s leggings brought by reliable legging manufacturers.

Step 2: Get The Size Right

You need to get the size right. While buying from a land-based store, you can try them out in the trial room, before buying online, you would have to measure yourself. Once you are done taking your measurements, you can see the size chart of your preferred brand. If you are in between sizes, it’s best to go down in size (when it comes to men’s leggings). However, don’t go too tight in hopes of getting rid of the love handles. That is possible only through regular exercise.

Step 3: Go For Extra Support

Stay away from men’s leggings that come at a ‘’too good to believe’’ price as they soon become thin and see-through. The manly bulges are meant to be hidden always and not flaunt openly. It’s never in fashion. Go for men’s leggings that come with extra security in the form of a front gusset. This is especially a must when you are working out. It will help keep your assets in place. Also, when you are out on the streets wearing a pair, it will prevent any unwanted stares or embarrassing shrieks. No woman appreciates such an open view. It’s anything but hot.

Step 4: Choose A Four-way Stretch Material

For the best comfort, go for leggings that are fabricated from a four-way stretch material. It will smoothly adjust to your body shape and will help you to move freely. A quality pair will always stretch easily without getting sheer or worse, tearing up.

Never go for wrinkly leggings.

Closing words

As some still continue to debate their appropriateness outside the gym, it can be concluded safely, that they can be worn outside the fitness area and it’s possible to look truly fashionable in them. Men’s leggings are for any man who is looking to add a modern, comfortable, and versatile clothing piece to the wardrobe.

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