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Decoding The Popularity Of Yoga Pants

  • lm_admin
  • April 30, 2019

Gone are the days when yoga pants that women used to wear at the yoga studio were just a simple combination of nylon and lycra offering the strechability and comfort that was required for the yoga sessions. With changing time, the demand for something more durable, kissing-the-skin quotient with no itchiness whatsoever after the sweat-inducing sessions led the top manufacturers to come up with something more that would appease the yogis. Today, the best among the yoga pants manufacturers USA has upped the game in order to offer oodles of satisfaction to the buyers.

Jeans Vs leggings

The tussle between and jeans began post 2014 when teenagers gave a steady nod to the cool and casual pair of leggings for doing the regular errands or hitting the yoga studio. Gradually the liking for athletic clothing among the young crowd catapulted to new horizons. The denims too faced an existential crisis, making the top brands to wake up to the situation and come up with plans like adding the stretch and contouring to the pair of jeans, which, in turn, appealed to the masses who were all up to pick up stretchy pants.

The elevation of the quality standards

Since yoga and other types of activities means buckets of sweats and this hygiene-freak generation love to wash their pants more and rightly so- a new angle emerged altogether! The top manufacturers started paying heed to the quality factor so that no matter how much a pair of yoga pants is washed, it can stand up to the expectations in the quality department without making the loyalists to crib at all. The craze for yoga pants to be versatile doubled up- whether to be worn to the studio, the lazy brunch or picking up groceries, the attention of the fabric engineers became the need of the hour. They had to research, brainstorm and come up with something that would help the buyers feel -at-ease and happy post their purchase.

The rise of the fabric labs

When it is about adding the best features in the pairs of leggings/yoga pants, fabrics that are geared to definite uses are being used ranging from moisture-wicking, four-way stretch, compression fabric to odor control technology and much more. The stats says it all- in 2018 it was reported that around $48 billion expenditure takes place on activewear in US on a yearly basis.

The research and development centers are cropping up where textile workers along with an expert and experienced team of mechanical engineers, biomechanists, neuroscientists, physiologists form a board to emphasise on the ‘science of feel’ for the wearers, helping in churning out products of the highest quality. Offering sensory satisfaction is the key. The fabric labs are instrumental in offering the best to the wearers where researchers keep on experimenting with fabrics, polymers and yarns. The innovation manager and team is always on the toes to pin-point any manufacturing error and the R&D team always strives to indentify what would be the best for the various kinds of activities that the wearers engage in.

So if you are a retailer and want to stock on some of the best yoga pants/leggings from a noted leggings manufacturer USA, ensure that the pairs meet your expectation before you place the bulk order. Good luck!

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