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Celebrity-Inspired Ways To Sport Your Favorite Pair Of Leggings

  • lm_admin
  • August 25, 2022

As we all know by now, a good pair of leggings is an essential clothing item that is a must-have in every closet. Why? Well, these pants are extremely comfortable and versatile and you can wear a pair of leggings with several kinds of top-wear choices. You can wear it with a sports bra and gym tank or a cropped top to the gym for a killer workout. You can even wear them with a tee and jacket for an outing with your friends. Alternatively, you can wear it comfortably with your sweatshirt or sport a stylish look with it in a pullover and a long coat. The choices are endless and our favorite celebs are breaking boundaries and reimagining different looks with their stylish pairs of leggings on most days when they are out and out.

So, if you are looking to splurge on some high-quality pairs of leggings and wear them just like your favorite celebs, here is a handy guide inspired by the top three trending celebrities you can take a look at.

Selena Gomez

After the success of the show, Only Murders in the Building, Selena Gomez has been happily making the headlines during her 30th birthday celebrations in Italy. There the singer, actor, and producer was spotted sightseeing with her friends and rumored boyfriend Andrea Lervolino who is also a film producer. However, while we do not know what is cooking between the pair and if they are just friends as they have been insisting, we are digging into Selena’s style wardrobe for some leggings inspiration.

Selena has been seen wearing a pair of leggings on several occasions which she prefers to style with many kinds of top-wear. She has been spotted wearing them with sweatshirts, with oversize tees and denim jackets, with full-sleeved tees knotted at the torso, and even with a plaid flannel shirt! She has mostly been spotted wearing black leggings in ankle-length and full-length sizes. However, she did choose to wear sublimated pairs in black and grey on some occasions.

So, style your high-waisted black pair of black leggings just like Selena and go bonkers with what you pair it with. This is because the sky is your limit when it comes to choosing your top-wear the next time you decide to wear your leggings inspired by the gorgeous Selena Gomez.


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Kim Kardashian

Recently all over social media due to her break-up with her boyfriend, actor and comedian Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian has rocked her curvy figure in several pairs of leggings in the past. She has even dared to sport colors like red, shiny purple, or a pink pair along with her signature chocolate, beige, white and black pairs. She inspires curvy women every day to flaunt their bodies and regularly wears leggings with several of her outfits. Our particular favorite is her signature beige-toned leggings that she matched with a front open hoodie and a white off-shoulder crop top.

So, wear your solid-colored leggings inspired by this beautiful momma and reality TV star and pair them with a cropped puff jacket or style them with a long coat and cropped top. Complete this look with boots and a pair of sunglasses, and you are ready to strut just like Kim Kardashian!

Kendall Jenner

No list for leggings inspiration is ever complete without a mention of Kendall Jenner. She is a supermodel and a significant member of the Kardashian and Jenner clan who is known for her skinny physique and stylish outfit choices. While Kendall has been all over our social media feeds for her latest vacation with Devin Booker in Hawaii, we are here to rummage her closet and take a leaf from her style book. This will help you use it to give a glamorous twist to a good-looking pair of leggings from your wardrobe.

Kendall is famous for her choice of high-waisted leggings which she pairs with several of her outfits. She is also daring with her color choices when it comes to her leggings and has been spotted wearing light blues, trendy greens, and even been seen in a bright orange pair. So, take your inspiration from Kendall and add variety to your wardrobe. This will also help you give your style game a bit of glam!


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On this note, we hope these stars will inspire you to splurge on some great pairs of leggings and wear them with some of the choicest top-wear options when you are out and about the next time.

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